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Honeywell International Inc. is a publicly traded, multinational conglomerate headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. It primarily operates in four areas of business: Aerospace, Building technologies, Performance Materials & Technologies (PMT), and Safety & Productivity Solutions (SPS).Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company, and was ranked 77th in 2018. Honeywell retains the same spot on the list despite a couple years of significant change. The company has a global workforce of approximately 110,000 workers, with approximately 44,000 employed in the United States.

An employee said in a review, "The supervisors at Honeywell do absolutely nothing but sit in their offices, complaining about numbers, getting upset at their best workers for being unable to reach absurd goals and then they threaten anyway who thinks differently all while forcing overtime on people. People are quitting left and right. Some shifts have less than 5 people so what does management do? Have everyone work more overtime!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Former Employee says

"I had seven managers in 15 months. Too chaotic."

Former Employee - Senior Engineer says

"Poorly managed supply chain that is not the fault of the supply chain workers."

Current Employee - Information Technology says

"Culture / Teams is not a healthy one for high performing people"

Former Employee - Supply Chain Manager says

"Diversity: This is a great company is you are a white male. The few, men, make it to the top but they are all sales guys. They like to hear themselves talk. There are SO MANY VPs and CEOs, it’s challenging to know who is what and why. Unethical: During my interview, my VP told me that there are 3 things that matter to him: God, Family and work. My manager (male) told me that I would never be promoted because I don’t stay until 8p or later in the office. They virtually never deliver product, on time, to their customers. They extend payment terms to their suppliers by 120 days, and on a monthly payment cycle. It’s killing the industry! Trust: Honeywell was very late to the game to allow employees to work from home during covid. In fact, WFH is incredibly frowned upon and not allowed. I don’t know any modern company that doesn’t have WFH, remote or flexible schedules. They will not at track new talent. If they do, talent will leave because it’s not a place for growth. Innovation: Honeywell has made the same engine for the last 50 years. There’s no appetite for innovation, iteration, or improvement. Facilities: they are old, dirty, smelly, and frankly, falling apart. My chair was missing an arm. The restrooms would frequently be out of service. There were rats and cockroaches. The mothers room was in the bathroom- not sanitary."

Former Employee - Senior Product Manufacturing Engineer says

"Cut throat corporate culture, 401k was only matched once per year, if you aren't employed in December you don't get the match, very high turnover rate, always expect to be RIFed (laid off), the company is VERY driven by wall street performace."

Former Employee - Senior Inside Sales Supervisor says

"I have never experienced such blatant racism at a company in my life. From the beginning I was lied to about why the salary of my white subordinate male employee was greater than my own. Then I know this may sound cliche but I literally had to deal with a woman name Karen on a daily basis speaking to me in a degrading and disrespectful manner! I was lied to about the commission structure and how it would be based on G&O my first quarter there then all of a sudden they changed it to another metric to ensure I didn’t receive a payout (mind you I took a salary pay cut when I accepted this position because I was sold on the high commission structure) after only being employed for 5 months and in the middle of the current state of America with racism and the light now being shined on it I had the courage to look elsewhere. I am so happy I did because I am now at a company they truly cares about inclusion and diversity and am being compensated not based on the color of my skin or my gender but because it’s what I deserve professionally! Oh, I also went thru 3 different managers in the short time I was there, none of them took the time to fight for me or even get to know me, clearly because I am a black female. If you are black and female stay away from this company they do not respect or celebrate us there."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Extremely pool management at supply chain"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Politics, politics , politics. This company is awful. Full of micromanagers. This is a toxic environment with underlying racism. This is not a company that promotes diversity or inclusion. Minorities do not get promoted. No respect for work life balance. When Covid hit they were literally trying to do everything possible to keep us in the office since they have a strict anti remote policy. Do better"

Former Employee - Senior Field Technician says

"Politics run the building. Its crazy how management back stabs employees"

Current Employee - Welder says

"everything about this company id a con"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The focus is not on customer Service. Management does everything in its power to discourage connecting with the customer and providing a positive experience. The only people they treat worse than their customers are their employees. The girls that have worked there for years treat their coworkers horribly. They have the mentality of high school girls and spend more time backslapping and gossiping. This behavior is not discouraged by management NoneThe bathrooms are filthy"

Machine Operator/Assembler (Current Employee) says

"The Supervisors do absolutely nothing but sit in their offices, complaining about numbers, getting upset at their best workers for being unable to reach absurd goals and then they threaten anyway who thinks differently all while forcing overtime on people. People are quitting left and right. Some shifts have less than 5 people so what does management do? Have everyone work more overtime!NothingManagement, Hr, environment"

operadora de produccion (Former Employee) says

"Pesimo pago, pesimas prestaciones y mucho abuso laboralhorario y descanso, sabado y domingoTrabajo de pie, sin tener oportunidad de sentarte y mucho requerimiento para tan poco sueldo"

Production Operator (Current Employee) says

"this place is an absolute joke. they dont take any responsibility for their problems and blame the employees for them. they make you work 10hr days Monday through Friday and 8hrs on saturday with only one day off and wonder why our DLE sucks. you are killing your employees! they have destroyed their most productive shift and still expect them to pull miracles out of thin air. Supervisors are horrible and dont care about us either. just run away look elsewhere."

Associate CS (Former Employee) says

"Toxic environment with no value of employees. Exame mass layoffs and outsourcing. Benefits place massive costs to employees. Consistently failing customers without any urgency to fix customer issues."

Automation Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This soulless corporation doesn’t care about employees and puts short term profitability above everything else. Mass layoffs essentially dissolved the manufacturing team. Don’t know how they plan to keep the place afloat.NoneNo profit sharing or bonuses. Merit raises canceled. Horrible benefits."

Senior Engineer (Current Employee) says

"RIFs galore preceded by furloughs No job security at all. You will be used to balance the books and jack up stock price ALT answers to stockholders onlyPeople work with. Unlimited vacations (lol) like you can take itRIFs every year regardless of business conditions"

Senior Project Engineer (Current Employee) says

"You are expected to work long hours. The management do not care at all for you. You are just some worthless piece of dog dong to them. They will get rid of you n a heart beat, and make an excuse like china-19. Honeywell and there stupid bend-over managers don't care whether you live or die as long as you put in your 60 hours per week. If anyone actually care at Honeywell it might be a good company.It paid the billsThey don't give a care about you"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"They favor people that they like and most they don’t and they fire the ones they don’t like. But I did like working at Honeywell but I just don’t like how they treat the people they have their."

Project Lead (Former Employee) says

"It not a professional run company. Its work in sole proprietor manner, lot of bullying and unprofessional behaviour. No credit for your work but its all work based on your social relationship with manger. I woked in finance for 2 years in india. Avoid this company for all reason. Once you are in you will exploited and tortured. HR does not stand up for any genuine issues as well. Avoid Avoid Avoid"

Production Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Pésimo lugar de trabajo racistas lo peor todo es producción y no tienen una persona encargada del HR"

Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"the future. In this company, it is simply not clear that there is no clear criteria for graduation in the career ladder The lack of clarity comes from the fact that jobs come to friends and acquaintances, and people are not ensured based on production"

Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management was terrible, the plant was unsafe, and the company had zero respect for the employees who worked there, the benefits were terrible, also constant layoffs and or threats to layoff, very unstable and hostile work enviroment."

Materials professional (Former Employee) says

"The pathetic and incompetent management of this company from the top down results in very little appreciation for their employees. The people who work there have an entitlement complex and are resistant to positive change and improvements. Mike Madsen is a horrible human being, who runs a horrible company, with horrible benefits, and a horrible working environment. If you want to deal with 30,40,& to year old babies, work here..NoneJust about everything"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Run, Run, Run away. A living nightmare. New hires bolt within 2-3 years. No mentoring anymore, senior engineers all burnt out, it is fend for yourself, watch out for backnfie attacks"

Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This is by the worst company to work for. The management is terrible and don't give a care about the employees. The managers only look out for themselves and will not help the employee. All talk and no action. If something goes wrong, they play the blame game."

Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"There is no accountability there at Honeywell .the supervisors lie and will have you fired, if you file a complaint on them .which hr will help them in that matter. and really good hard working people lose there jobs because of supervisors falsifying things to have employees terminated the union there is fake they are only there for the customers and company they will turn there backs on you when you need them ."

Process Equipment Engineer, Aerospace Division (Former Employee) says

"The jobs they offer are a salary, nothing more. No realistic career path, reduced benefits, minimal college cost support, hostile working environment."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Its bad. A lot of bullies. Nepotism when getting first hired but I can't complain because I got my job by my mom knowing person in management that pushed my resume to hiring manager. Doesnt seem fair some of my co-workers can't work on projects or get a raise because not in the right tribe of people. A person gets over looked but another employee was hand picked to do a project. Honeywell is a big name, I thought it was good place to work. Its similar to HS or club baseball. I was always on travel baseball but my neighbor wasn't because his parents didnt know the coaches."

System Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"No respect for employees , no salary , funny part is the person who don't know about the project is at manager position. Internal politics as usual . U learn nothing once u enter into the company. It's better to work in any other company rather than working here . In the name of cost cutting removing of the employees . Cheap tricks to be played . So think before u enter hereGood for nothingWorst company ever"

Derek Hoffman says

"I bought a ac unit from them. It worked about 4 months. They constantly gave me alot of lies and they do not accept their warranty. I don't know how they are still in business. Never buy a product from them!"

Mike says

"Heater broke after 3 months occasional use. Not a cheap one either. There seems to be no way to activate a warranty claim. I tried online - obviously it's not Honeywell themselves - something called 'Helen of Troy!' Of course, Helen was responsible for bringing down the whole city/empire. Maybe this warranty company could be seen to bring down the entire group of companies it has conned into managing their warranties? Anyway - I digress - I filled in the details on email and pressed 'send email.' Nothing happened - not on Firefox, Safari, or Crome. Nice. Waste of our lives..."

Betsy Munoz says

"After being on hold for an hour and 45 mins Honeywell disconnected the call...unbelievable."

Jon Bartow says

"Tried to get tech support on both phone and chat, after 40 minutes I quit.

Hawthorne says

"It was the absolute worst experience. Spent hours and hours on the phone with Honeywell reps and never got the WiFi connected to my laptop, phone or iPad or any other device I own. In fact I had to reprogram the device as it changed the settings and it took over an hour on the phone with the rep to get it back to the original setting as it would only blow cold air. Never would I recommend this product."

Petite Wonders says

"Honeywell Resideo Customer Care DO NOT CARE. I was still unable to reconnect our wi-fi thermostat after trying all suggested solutions. Nov 23, 2020, I placed a call to Honeywell's Customer Care and was on hold for 2.5 hours and then my call was disconnected by Honeywell. If I call again, I will need to wait in line again possibly for another 2 hours and will get disconnected again. What is the point of reaching out for help?! I begin to suspect if Honeywell's Customer Care is staffed at all. Totally frustrating with this kind of in-name-only customer service. My rating for this company is 0 star. I hope we never had chosen this Honeywell thermostat TH8320WF product."

PH says

"I would rate Honeywell a zero if possible. They have the most horrible customer service of any company that I know. Been on hold for 3 hrs & 4 hr for a live chat. Magically the live chat person goes away after says they can help. I finally said to heck with it & bought another brand thermostat & can honestly say I will NEVER own an Honeywell product. Only had this because it came with the new house. Horrible horrible horrible company!!!"

Uli says

"No communication, waited for hours on the phone and tried it a couple of times during the day no one picks up, no reply to my emails. Don't even think about buying a product of Honeywell. Unfortunately can't get a negative review, it would be -5 stars."

Keith Blair says

"Called said 2 hour wait to speak to someone.... Will be reporting to BBB."

Michael says

"Terrible customer support. Left me on hold for more than 45 minutes before I finally hung up. Simple issue relating to the water heather not working properly and a possible warranty issue.

Have been a loyal customer with these guys for over 40 years. No value to them for customer loyalty. Need to find another company.

If you are hoping to find a company that supports their products and loyal customers, keep looking."

denis moloney says

"I called honeywell support today for help setting up an evohome. I basically just needed to be told how to pair/bind the controller to the relay. A guy called David took the call. David refused to tell me how to do it and kept telling me that I should be trained. I asked to speak to his manager and he refused. I asked to speak with someone else and he refused. I was saying to him that I just need basic setup information and he then told me that I was apparently interuping him and he will end the call if I do it again. I asked if I was a homeowner looking for this advise what would he say. At this point he hung up the phone. The evohome seems to be as bad a system as their customer service. ** As an update, after figuring it out myself, all David had to tell me was to hold down the settings button to enter installer mode. He is so rude and so bad at his job. I really regret installing this for my customer as after only two weeks I'm back re binding the boiler relay because it mysteriously unpaired leaving the family in the cold. There is a cheap feel to all of the components and I would be amazed if the system lasts."

Jinlong says

"I bought a open box water leak detector from amazon, was trying to set it up but the app told me it’s registered to another user and need to contact support.
I reached out to support and they told me because it’s a “security device”, I have to wait at-least 3 days for them to release it. I asked is it the same for a thermostat and they said no, a thermostat can be released right away.

I said that’s really stupid how they categorize their devices. I asked to be transferred to a manager and even the manager is useless. Kept going back to the same process process process. I said just because a process is made doesn’t mean it can’t be changed and it’s not always perfect. It needs to be changed because of age and need.

He (Alejandro) blew me off and gave me the generic reply.

In the end I boxed it up and return it to amazon. Got an dlink water leak detector instead for cheaper. Bye bye Honeywell. I do not and will not recommend this brand to anyone."

Antique Girl says

"I want to get technical support for my thermostat, and on hold for now almost two hour, looks like no one will never answer because their website said close at 5pm cst. I have been holding since 3pm. two hours no answer.... what a bad company"

caba sinko says

"Charles Arnold would turn in his grave knowing his bathroom pull switches MK made are now outsourced by HONEYWELL who took control of MK to CHINA manufacturers who then ship them back across the world to the UK. Made In England is what I want to see."

Josh Work says

"Bought a honeywell smart thermostat. Had an issue and the install guide said to call the support number for help with this situation. Working from home so no problem. Dialed in on hold while working. After 2 HOURS decided to put everything back in the box and return it. Bought a Nest. I wont buy any honeywell garbage again."

Cm says

"Bought a Programmable thermostat by honeywell.
The face plate broke off while installing.
Now only blowing air.
Should've bought the warranty, could've gotten my money back.
So cheap."Easy to use"Quite the opposite.
Makes sense, made in the usa. Despicable"

Angel says

"Received a used full face respirator. It had already been opened and it had hairs on it."

Jenni says

"We telephoned about our gateway sent photos as requested
Heard nothing back
Rang the next day they hung up on us!!😡"

Hm Pabari says

"Dear honey well ok when things go wrong why are you not honouring the consumer rights I had a job dealing with all of you ok so now as you can see all the comments its shows I was right ok.

Your delivery partner as well can you sort it out ok.

Don't just ignore ok you are bad as each other ok.
I am going to report all this non senses ok very very further to all in the industry and trading standards etc etc and the plumbing industry's etc etc

Your"s Faith's Fully's"

Johan B. says

"Really, forget it, DONT BUY!!!
Had a Honeywell system for our W-installation installed some years ago. if it works it works but once things are getting a problem you are really deep in the mud. Support sucks if at all support. and its unbelievably expensive, hourly rates of 150euro or more because there is always a software specialist needed to see whats wrong, spare parts are more then 200% of original purchasing price. Legacy support is something they have not heard ABOUT AT ALL. If parts fail that are no longer sold by them you are confounded to second hand market.
STAY AWAY is my advice"

Gref says

"Stupidest apps ever. Thermostat ID card says Honeywell Home in big letters, but you have to go to, and if you register for HH it won’t let you into Mt Brilliant advice from tech support after more than an hour’s wait? “Try again in 10 minutes” Nope, so “try again in an hour.” Only point of waiting is to see if these jerks go out of business! This company isn’t even trying to help. " is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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